Take your Biz to the Max

by leveraging AI and Automation.

Maximize every Opportunity. Just have BizMax...

✅ Centralize Your Messages

ONE universal inbox to manage ALL social media messages, google chats, texts, etc

✅ Text Your Missed Calls

Instant texts are sent to all your missed calls so booking requests become automatic 24/7.

Answer Questions For You

Live ai response, text chats and a welcome video turns clicks into clients

Convert Leads to Sales

Capture, nurture and convert prospects into customers with our automated CRM

Pay You Quicker

Simplify invoicing with secure text-to-pay, ensures you get paid easier and smoother

✅ Automate Your Reviews

Get more reviews on autopilot. Create more social proof and rank higher in search

Free up your time. Let BizMax...

✅ Message You On The Go

Stay on top of your business wherever you travel, with the BizMax.ai Mobile App

✅ Create Your Websites & Funnels

Build Websites, Funnels and Membership Portals utilizing hundreds of templates.

Schedule Your Social Posts

Quickly create and schedule content to simultaneously post across all your socials

Send You Qualified Leads

Get a steady stream of Market-Qualified Leads in your inbox every month

Create & Schedule Your Ads

Take advantage of proven ad templates, tweak a bit and launch in just 3 clicks

✅ Assist You in Your Business

BizMax.ai automates business tasks so you can focus on what you do best.

Do more with Less. BizMax easily integrates with...

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[email protected] • (215) 978-9780

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